Explain the chemical structures of amino acids and proteins

Amino acids have the general structural molecular formula -NH2CHRCOOH. They have two important functional groups (a functional group means a group of The precise structure of a globular protein is the key to specificity of enzymes. Similarly proteins that act as receptor sites on the cell surface can...- Amino acids can be recycled which conserves a valuable commodity of amino acids which can later be used to provide access to an emergency fund of amino acids in times of fuel, glucose or protein deprivation - The body uses the most dispenable proteins first using the small ones found in blood...

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Royalty-free stock vector ID: 136016786. Amino acids. 2D chemical structures of the 20 common amino acids found in proteins, with atoms represented as conventionally color-coded circles.

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Proteins: o Identify their chemical elements and functional groups .Recognize the structure of an amino acid and the peptide bond that connects -, tri, and polypeptides. Recognize the di presence of 20 amino acids and that not all are essential amino acids. o Summarize the function of proteins and recognize the importance of the three dimensional What happens when pepsin enters the small intestine? A) It activates HCl. B) It is digested due to the high pH. C) It cleaves proteins into smaller peptides and some free amino acids. D) It inhibits pepsinogen synthesis. E) It denatures protein structures.

Protein structure prediction: As described above, knowing the structure of a protein is key to understanding how it works and to targeting it with drugs. A small protein can consist of 100 amino acids, while some human proteins can be huge (1000 amino acids). These amino acids are linked together via peptide bonds in the form of long chains. The amino acids present in these long chains determine the final structure, properties, and functions of proteins. Amino acids in proteins don’t lie in linear chains. Rather, the chains of amino acids are arranged to form molecules having complex structures. No two proteins with different amino acid sequences (primary structure) have identical overall structure. The unique amino acid sequence of a protein is reflected in its unique folded structure. This structure, in turn, determines the protein’s function. This is why mutations that alter amino acid sequence can affect the function of a protein.

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